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PaDIOLOK is the world’s first keyless, 2-way lock for sliding patio doors. Our revolutionary lock works with new or existing doors, enabling you to use your current sliding door as an entry or exit. PaDIOLOK is designed for residential homes, apartments, condominiums and hotel rooms with ground floor sliding patio doors.

People have long-suffered inconvenient and insecure sliding door locks on their homes and poolside hotel rooms, but no longer! Now PaDIOLOK provides a solution with a 2-way lock that lets you come and go, locking and unlocking in either direction without a physical key. Be liberated from inconvenient, insecure locks.

Learn more about how Padiolok works, and find the lock that will work for your sliding door here.


If you’ve been patiently waiting to get your PaDIOLOK, now is the best time to buy. Our campaign will give you the opportunity to support PaDIOLOK at a great price.

We’re incredibly excited to offer you the very first opportunity to get the world’s first keyless 2-way patio door lock for typical existing and new sliding patio doors. And, to say thank you for supporting us in our next steps of getting our lock manufactured and ramping up sales, you can purchase it for 10-40% off the retail price by backing us on Kickstarter.

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