Hotel/Motel/ Any Rental Unit will find that

  • Guests will enjoy your hotel more
  • Will recommend it more
  • Will come back more often
  • Rooms with PaDIOLOK will be most requested
  • Very little administration or door management
  • Cleaners easily erase codes on checkout
  • Future wireless functionality adds options if you want your Front Desk to manage PaDIOLOK codes or clearing of codes.

Guests will  

  • Simply enjoy their stay in your hotel/motel/rental more
  • Easier and faster to get to pool/beach etc.
  • More relaxing at the pool because valuables are locked up
  • Fewer thefts.
  • Not locked out of rooms as often
  • Fewer keys / keycards lost at the beach
  • Will be requesting rooms with PaDIOLOKs