Press Release: PaDIOLOK Campaign reaches 10% of funding goal in less than 48 hours

Press Release: PaDIOLOK Campaign reaches 10% of funding goal in less than 48 hours

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Vancouver Entrepreneur Launches Kickstarter for
Keyless 2-way Lock for Sliding Patio Doors

VANCOUVER, BC – The world’s first keyless, 2-way lock for existing and new sliding patio doors has been developed by Vancouver company Padio Systems Inc. Launched via Kickstarter on Wednesday, March 30th, 10% of the campaign’s $75,000 goal has already been secured. Patent pending PaDIOLOK is a completely new and innovative lock that transforms an often useless door into a convenient entry and exit.

Product visionary Bruce White found inspiration from his own struggle with inconvenient patio door locks. He wanted a solution that would enable him to come and go through his own back sliding door, straight out to his car/parking spot. Unable to find a solution, he set out to create his own.

“Some people accept the way things are, other people see the gaps and try to reach for the solutions,” says White.

White brought together a team of engineers and for two years they worked through three design concepts, comparing and testing the prototypes against each other, until they had the best product possible. The lock had to be simple to install on a broad range of doors, be more secure than standard locks, and be 2-way and keyless to provide liberating convenience.

Many people White talks to wonder why this wasn’t already invented, and he believes it might be due to the daunting variety of sliding door models out there. Certainly a very significant challenge was developing a lock with the flexibility that would fit on a wide selection of doors. However, carefully designing PaDIOLOK with flexibility and adaptability constantly in mind PaDIOLOK will fit over 300 different combinations of door widths and thicknesses, and existing-handle variations. PaDIOLOK’s three different models provide different adapters to suit this huge variety of existing and new sliders so everyone can enjoy its benefits.

White is excited to launch his product through Kickstarter, finally being able to offer homeowners a convenient and secure sliding patio door lock. He has also received a lot of interest from hotel managers who see the tremendous benefit to having PaDIOLOK on their guest rooms that have walk-out sliding doors that access the pools, beach and amenities. Guests will get to and from the pool faster, more conveniently, without a key.   Their valuables will be more secure and they will enjoy themselves more.

The campaign runs until Sunday, May 1st at 8pm PST.

Key features for homeowners:

  • It’s very CONVENIENT as it provides two-way keyless locking and unlocking whether you are entering or exiting.
  • Far more SECURE and tamper resistant than typical latches. Resists high lifting and prying forces, and can’t be jiggled open.
  • It’s SAFER as it is easier and more intuitive to unlock and exit, in case of an emergency, than if you have an assortment of foot buttons and pins to deal with, and is simply locked more often.
  • Retrofits to almost any existing or new sliding patio door including aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, and wood, of various thicknesses and widths.
  • Upgradeable to add a future Z-wave wireless module for automation and integration to home security systems.
  • Will retail for $150-190 USD depending on the model.
  • An average handyman can install it without special tools in just 30-60 minutes

Key features for hotels with walkout rooms:

  • Adds convenience to poolside/beachfront rooms with walkout sliding doors.
  • Guests can securely lock their room while enjoying the pool or other amenities without carrying a room key and having to ‘go around’.
  • Guests just program their own code into the door for their stay.


About Padio Systems Inc

Founded in 2014, Padio Systems is committed to developing state-of-the-art locks that are secure and convenient. PaDIOLOK, the world’s first keyless sliding door lock, is their first product, with several more in the works. The company is run by Bruce White and located in Vancouver, BC.

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