• Multiple pass codes for different family members and ‘cleaners’
  • Easily installed by an average handyman… in 30-60 min
  • Fits a wide range of door sizes and types.   See Fit Guide
  • Wireless capability is coming soon for home automation and security inteface
chose MoRTY…    to use with your existing

Mortise Style Latch

either Single or Double Hook

model . . . MoRTY


USD each
  • Works with sliding doors which have latches mortised into the edge of the door.  These are typical on vinyl, wood and fiberglass  framed sliding glass doors.
  • If the existing latch that is mortised into the door is strong enough for your, leave it in place and simply add PaDIOLOK MoRTY.
  • Adding MoRTY gets you convenient entry or exit via your slider
    • keyless
    • via electronic keypad with pass code
  • Works with slotted or square key ways (the shape of the hole through your existing mortise latch which must be turned to latch or unlatch.
  • Works for key ways which are oriented vertically, horizontally or either diagonal.
  • Works for mortise latches which require either clockwise or counterclockwise rotations to latch
  • Your existing mortised latch needs to be adjusted and in good working order
  • Alternatively… if your existing latch isn’t working and you wish to remove or abandon it… you can do so and add SuRF
chose SuRF…   to replace a handle-lever-hook

Surface Mounted

with new handles, levers, latch & keypad

model . . . SuRI


USD each
  • works great for sliding doors which have surface mounted latches in the handle such as a lever and hook
  • These are typically on aluminum framed sliding doors
  • Typical existing latches are insecure, and only are operable from the inside
  • To install, simply remove existing handles with lever hook.   Remove any plate which may be screwed into the jamb
  • Replace with a new PaDIOLOK handle, levers, keypad, and latch for:
    • Two-way convenience entry via key pad… key free
    • New stronger latch
    • More tamper resistant
    • Lifting / prying resistant
chose FLuX…  if you want to upgrade a

Flush Style Latch

with  an adapter,  to use  a handle & lock like SURI

Model . . . FLuX

$195 ish

USD each
  • Found most often on sliding doors with thinner frames such as single pane sliders.    These might be more common in warmer climates.
  • PaDIOLOK is designed to replace this lock completely . Unbolt and remove the sliding flush latch from the moving door panel.   Remove the catch from the jamb of the fixed outer door frame.
  • Replace with FLuX to gain:
    • Two-way convenience via key pad
    • New stronger Latch
    • More Tamper Resistant
    • Lifting Resistant
  • FLuX is essentially the same surface mount style latch as used in  SuRI except that it has an special adapter to mount PaDIOLOK to these types doors.